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We specialize in sewer locating and inspection with a passion aligned with our core values of safety, family, integrity, quality, discipline, partnership and service.

With cutting-edge equipment along with the best-trained employees in the industry, we are constantly striving for new and improved ways to offer better quality and services. Our commitment is to be a valued partner to our clients and to honor the Vector core values.

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Pre- and Post-Video Inspection


During pre-installation camera inspections, the sewer pipeline facilities are not only located in preparation for construction, we go the extra mile by inspecting for previous damage. Industry best-practices do not recommend trenchless technology installation methods for any area that cannot be inspected. Our locates will aid in the prevention of damaging and dangerous cross bores.

The post-installation camera process is done after trenchless technology installation has been completed. This also verifies that the installation did not cross bore into the sewer system and ensures that no mistakes or errors have been made.

Legacy Cross Bore Inspection


The legacy cross bore inspection program assures you, the customer, that your projects are cross bore free. This process involves inspection of the sewer pipeline system in areas where trenchless technology was previously done from the first trenchless technology installation to the beginning of a pre/post video inspection process.

Legacy Inspection includes:

  • Building a risk model
  • Partnering with the utility and/or city
  • Gathering “as-built” documentation
  • Inspecting the sewer system in risk areas

Municipal Inspection


Municipal sewer pipeline inspection spotlights defects within the sewer system to help determine repair or replacement needs.

Our certifications by the National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO) include:

  • Pipeline Assessment
  • Lateral Assessment
  • Manhole Assessment

Auditing Process


Vector exercises rigorous quality control in its sewer inspections. We audit our own work by requiring that 100% of the videos are viewed in real time by a camera operator in the field. For independent auditing, the videos are sent offsite to our internal auditing staff, where 100% of them are reviewed.

As an example of Vector integrity, when the internal auditing staff is done, the auditing manager reviews 100% of the prints to confirm completion and then reviews 10% of the videos.

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As as Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB), we are deeply rooted in military service and understand the true meaning of serving with purpose and deliver that in all that we do.

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