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Vector Hydro Excavation Services

Using cutting-edge vacuum equipment, Vector Vacuum employs high-pressure water or air to efficiently remove soil for a multitude of purposes. With a commitment to safety and quality, Vector Vacuum can tailor the right equipment and solution to respond to the customer’s environment and need. We stress partnership with the customer, bringing our integrity and service mentality to the equation.

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Hydro Excavation is less invasive, environmentally friendly, cleaner, safer, requires less manpower, and is more cost effective than traditional excavation services. Hydro excavation offers a precise and clean method of excavation for construction, landscaping, or even plumbing.


  • Hydro-excavation
  • Air-excavation
  • Substation construction
  • Splice pits
  • Remote dig capabilities (500'+ from trucks)
  • Deep hole capabilities (up to 50'+ deep)
  • Environmental cleanup
  • Coring capabilities (up to 24")
  • Daylighting
  • HDD slurry transportation disposal
  • Utility pole holes
  • Slot trenching
  • Service pits
  • Trenching
  • Debris removal
  • Anode installations
  • Shoring installations
  • Pipeline crossing
  • Pipeline tie-ins
  • Tank cleanouts
  • Emergency response

The breadth and depth of Vector’s Hydro Excavation Services is a testament to the high level of the company’s expertise and its commitment to finding the right solution for all its customers. Vector’s extensive capabilities in this sector also demonstrates its dedication to finding, training, cross-training and retaining the highest quality technicians in the industry.


  • In-house roll-off truck options
  • In-house tractor trailer options
  • In-house water tankers
  • Slurry vac truck and trailer options
  • Jetter sewer cleaning

Vector’s Hydro Excavation equipment embodies the company’s commitment to deploying state-of-the-art gear for its employees and its customers. Having an in-house inventory of the right equipment means that Vector can respond rapidly to customer needs and have the right gear at the right place as fast as possible.

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As as Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB), we are deeply rooted in military service and understand the true meaning of serving with purpose and deliver that in all that we do.

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